Bailiixa Introduction

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Bailixia is a national key scenic spot ; national AAAAA class tourist region; national geological park; the Chinese environment and ecology protection exemplary region. Touring here you can enjoy the marvelous gorge spectacles as if enjoying the superlative craftsmanship; you would be merged into a pure ecological environment; you can uncover the secret veil of the hundred Li gorge structure, ” scouring barrier valley”, formed. some 200 million year ago; you can enjoy our wholehearted service. When strolling in the gorge you will enjoy the fragrance of Chinese flowering crabapple gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. The wonderful and perilous “ Tiger’s mouth”, the narrow “ one line sky”, the absolutely lifelike “turning head Guanying Budha” will all come into view. There are too many things for the eye to take in ,lingering you on and forgetting to return.